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Videos on app help patient resist obsessive compulsions

A brain-training app could help people with obsessive compulsive disorder to manage symptoms such as excessive handwashing.

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How banks should prepare for robots going rogue

Banks are rolling out machine-learning applications to handle all manner of tasks once reserved for humans, from customer service to automated investment picking. But are they ready to clean up the mess created if the robots go rogue?

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UX Design: Connecting with today’s consumers

Komunikacija s klijentima ključni je čimbenik uspjeha, stoga je važno pružiti ugodno korisničko iskustvo te se istinski povezati s klijentima, pogotovo u situacijama kada interakcija nije osobna.

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How technology is changing university admissions

Much of the change is positive but to reap the benefits, the student must control the technology and not vice versa.

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Your smartphone may know more about your mental health than you

Given how much of our lives are lived through smartphones, our daily ‘digital exhaust’ is a rich source of information about us.

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The Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Services

Blockchain development has created substantial changes in the financial sector and how people conduct financial transactions. This may revolutionize the economy and has already impacted global financial services. Technical innovations have improved the speed and processes necessary in the financial sector.

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