Credit card payoff

Easy repayments according to your needs

Available on:
PBZ mobile banking application
PBZ Internet Banking

Pay off your credit card balance in one simple transaction

Just transfer the outstanding amount from your selected account to your credit card account - even when you’re on the go.


Discover the key features

  • Handy reminders

    Do you find it challenging to keep track of credit card repayment periods? With the due date reminders, you can always have a clear picture. As you scroll down the list of your credit cards, a dedicated widget will always show you, the due amount and the amount of new expenses.

  • A repayment strategy that suits you

    You can decide whether to make only the minimum payment, pay your card balance in full or pay off an amount defined by you.

  • Payoff in an instant

    Want to pay off your credit card balance at the drop of a hat? Activate Easy transfer and you can skip the authorization step for transactions between your own accounts.

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Banking made easy.

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