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Everything you want to know about your savings in one place

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Manage your savings in a compact view

Check the status of your deposits, savings accounts or housing savings and monitor your related transactions anytime you want. You can also open new time deposits or grow your existing savings by adding new funds to those of your time deposits which allow for additional payments.

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Discover the key features

  • Bird’s eye view

    Gain a quick overview and check the status of your savings. You can also add indicative nicknames to them to remember your saving goals just when you look at the list.

  • A closer look

    Monitor the last transactions related to your deposits, savings accounts or housing savings easily. Use the filter or search options to find those transactions which are the most important to you. Have a look at the graphic charts to analyse the progress of your savings.

  • Future perspective

    When the automatic renewal date or maturity date of your savings is closing, you will get notification about the expiration of the savings product. if you've activated savings notification in Settings. So, you can plan ahead on how to reinvest your money and you can also open a new time deposit completely online. Check the Time deposit opening subpage for more details.

Banking made easy.

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Banking made easy.

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