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Start saving by putting away small amounts and save for the right thing

e-Kasica enables you to automatically put aside minor amounts and to additionally save some extra money according to your own wishes and possibilities. You can change the way your savings are managed using internet banking.

You can contract for e-Kasica using PBZ digital banking.

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Discover the key features

  • Automatic savings - easy and without any burden

    To start putting aside money, you only need to select the situations when you want money to be automatically transferred to your savings: withdrawals or payments at ATMs, payments made by the Visa Inspire and Visa Electron cards, depositing coins at PBZ devices into which customers can deposit coins, payments of discounts related to the Innovation programme.

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  • Flexible savings

    You can change your previously defined savings mode and mechanism anytime in the internet banking.

Explore the various savings options and choose the one that suits you the best:

  • When you make payments by Visa Inspire and Visa Electron cards, you can put aside a fixed amount (e.g. HRK 5), a percentage of the transaction amount (e.g. 5%) or the difference between the actual transaction amount and the amount rounded up to the nearest ten (for example: the amount of the transaction is HRK 56.40, the amount rounded up to the nearest ten is HRK 60.00, the difference – HRK 3.60 – is transferred to your savings account).
  • When withdrawing money or paying in cash at PBZ ATMs, you can decide to save a fixed amount (e.g. HRK 5) or a percentage of the transaction amount (e.g. 5%).
  • When you deposit coins at PBZ devices which are enabled to accept and count your coins, a percentage of the deposited amount (e.g. 5%) will be automatically transferred to your savings account.
  • You can also set up your savings plan based on the Innovation package.


Banking made easy.

Discover how simple it is to save with e-Kasica on the PBZ365@NET internet banking.

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