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Find the investment options suitable to easily

A wealth of investment options and information

Fund explorer presents you with a comprehensive fund catalogue detailing a wide range of investment possibilities. You are free to browse the catalogue independently or to sample it through a guided experience using your preferences to present only those investment options which best suit you.


Discover the key features

  • A compass for your investments

    Now you don’t need to have a detailed knowledge of the investment market to identify investment options that suit you. The guide feature in Fund explorer asks you to specify your preferences, such as geographical area, investment sector, risk appetite and investment horizon, in order to present you with a tailored selection of investments matching your needs and preferences.

  • Quick view top picks

    Don’t have much time? Use the highlights section at the top of the Fund explorer page to quickly browse our offers or find the way back to the funds you viewed recently. In the PBZ Internet Banking, you can also explore the latest news from the market.

  • Narrow it down to see only exactly what you want

    There’s no need to spend hours scrolling through extensive amounts of information and investment packages. The catalogue is fully searchable, allowing you to filter and sort the funds that appeal to you. Comparing different funds is also made easy via the product comparison chart in the app and in the PBZ Internet Banking.

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  • Zoom in

    Once you’ve looked at the major outline of your selected funds, you may simply click on any one of them to reveal full details on this investment option.

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  • Online portfolio management

    Many of these funds can be bought and sold online, without needing to contact your financial advisor. You are also able to switch the funds in your portfolio replacing an existing fund with a new one. Check the Fund management subpage for more information about these operations.

How can you find easily what you’re looking for?

  • Funds can be filtered by category, geographical area, sector, risk level, investment horizon and currency.
  • You can sort them by name, category, last price, currency, yields and risk level.
  • The product comparison chart clearly lays out the performance, asset allocation and other key features of your selected funds.
  • The funds catalogue uses a number of badges to make browsing easy. The funds whose shares you already own are marked with the “On portfolio” badge. “Under advisory only” means the given fund cannot be purchased online and is only available through your financial advisor.


Here’s what you can find out about all your funds with a simple click:

  • Overview the performance of the investment product, including price changes, yields for different time frames, risk level, reward profile, recommended investment horizon and other technical information.
  • Go through the objectives and investment policy of the product, as well as its conditions, related charges and documentation.
  • Evaluate the product composition using various graphs, charts and benchmark indices, including an asset allocation graph, geographic exposure map, sector exposure graph and top products the fund invests in.
  • Knowing who takes care of the given investment product is also important, so on this page you will also find a short profile of the fund manager.
  • If the given fund is already in your portfolio, the product page is enriched with further details regarding your position: market value in the fund currency, profit and loss, and the number of shares you own.


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