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PBZ mobile banking application
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Keep up with market changes easily

Using the PBZ mobile banking app or PBZ Internet Banking, overview and manage your investment portfolio anywhere, anytime. Browse your entire portfolio sorted by asset groups such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities or based on account types. Full details are always just a click away by selecting your chosen investment product.


Discover the key features

  • A picture paints a thousand words

    Get an instant overview of your portfolio composition with easy-to-understand graphs by product type or currency. Simply click on any section of your pie chart to see the exact percentage of that product type or currency in your portfolio, as well as its market value and profit and loss percentages.

  • Comprehensive information

    Getting the lowdown on exactly what’s going on in your portfolio is convenient and easy. Your complete list of owned investment products, including proxies, is displayed in full and can be sorted to suit you. For each product in your list you can see the name, currency, total quantity, market value, profit and loss, last price and average price. Your securities are ordered from highest market value to lowest and a simple click on your selected product reveals further information.

  • Online trading of mutual funds

    Now you can easily buy, sell or switch mutual funds all directly online, for yourself or on behalf of other customers, where authorised. If you subscribed to the advisory service, a suitability assessment will be performed before your transactions are executed. You will then be presented with the full results of this evaluation so you can make a more informed decision about whether or not to proceed with your desired transaction.

Banking made easy.

Discover the features of PBZ’s new internet banking.

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Banking made easy.

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