A modern form of electronic payment

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Paying bills should not take too much time

Forget the paper-based bills which were delivered to your home address and switch to electronic bills which are easy to pay, since the Bank will prepare the completed payment order for you.

You can apply for the i-Account service free of charge through PBZ365@NET internet banking, in the Payments menu.


Discover the key features

  • Practical

    You no longer have to worry about whether all your bills have arrived in your physical mailbox or if you have lost one. Switch to electronically delivered bills and a mobile phone or computer with Internet access will be sufficient for receiving and paying them.

  • Transparent

    The i-Account service enables you to store and check all the received bills in one place.

  • Environmentally friendly

    With the i-Account service, you contribute to the reduction of paper usage and can help preserving our planet for the future generations.

  • Flexibile

    You can access the receipt of your electronically submitted bills and you can pay them anytime and anywhere, within the country or abroad.

  • Simple

    Your payment order is pre-filled with all necessary information for you. To perform the payment, you only need to authorise it.

Banking made easy.

Discover how simple it is to pay bills by the i-Account service on the PBZ365@NET internet banking.

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