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PBZ Investor

PBZ Investor, your online investing and trading tool

Manage your investment portfolio simply and efficiently, in the shortest time possible, whenever and wherever it suits you. PBZ Investor enables you to trade with securities on the Zagreb Stock Exchange, purchase and sell stocks at favourable fees and by simply placing purchase or sale orders.


Discover the key features

  • Security

    PBZ Investor ensures high security with modern and highly reliable protection systems.

  • Saving time and money

    You can buy or sell securities at favourable fees whenever it suits you.

  • A wide range of services

    PBZ Investor enables you to manage your investment portfolio in a sophisticated manner thanks to its wide-ranging functionalities.

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The PBZ Investor service offers the following features for you:

  • Purchase and sale of securities on the Zagreb Stock Exchange,
  • Prompt processing of your orders (STP),
  • An up-to-date view of your order status,
  • An up-to-date status of performed orders,
  • Real-time insights into the price changes of the securities listed on the Zagreb Stock Exchange,
  • Real-time insight into the total offer for the purchase and sale of securities on the Zagreb Stock Exchange (full market depth),
  • Calculation of your asset value for each individual security and transaction printout,
  • Placing orders for transfer of funds to your payment account,
  • Overview of trading data and news from the Zagreb Stock Exchange,
  • Purchase of new issues of securities on the primary market (PBZ issue agent).


Discover more functions

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