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PBZ Wave2Pay

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Discover an easier banking with Wave2Pay application!

Wave goodbye to the old ways of payment: pay by your mobile phone

Regardless of whether you need to make a purchase or are going out, you no longer need to carry your wallet. Relax and pay faster and simpler with virtual Visa Inspire and American Express cards. Just use the PBZ Wave2Pay application installed on your mobile phone.

Enjoy the benefits of the first proper mobile wallet. Because your mobile phone is always by your hand.


Discover the key features

  • Ideal for fast and contactless mobile payments

    With the PBZ Wave2Pay application, you can pay your bills faster and contactless, by placing your mobile phone on the POS device.

  • Simple and secure use

    PBZ Wave2Pay makes payments simple and secure. The information on the virtual cards is transferred at the moment of payment, one-time only, and is deleted from the mobile phone once the transaction has been completed.

  • Perform purchases with the first proper mobile wallet and virtual cards

    When going shopping, you can leave your wallet at home. All you need is a mobile phone and the PBZ Wave2Pay application. Easy, carefree and simple.

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Explore how you can make payments with PBZ Wave2Pay application fast and simply:

  • Replace the conventional wallet with contactless payment using your mobile phone.
  • Store your virtual cards in the PBZ Wave2Pay mobile application. Did you know that several cards can be added to the app (American Express cards: American Express charge (green) card, Gold Card, Platinum Card, American Express card with a heart and Visa Inspire PBZ current account card)?
  • Pay contactless, safe and fast at any point of sale marked with the symbol indicating the acceptance of contactless payments.
  • You can have an overview of completed transactions using virtual cards integrated into your PBZ Wave2Pay mobile application (in the past 7 days, 30 days or all performed transactions).
  • You can use the PBZ Wave2Pay mobile application regardless of the mobile operator.
  • Select your very own Wave2Pay PIN for the PBZ Wave2Pay mobile application to make it even safer.


Discover how to use PBZ Wave2Pay

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Banking made easy.

Discover how simple it is to pay with virtual cards stored on your mobile phone.

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