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Pay quickly, easily and safely over the Internet

No more worries about where you put your physical token device the last time. Use the PBZmToken to access your internet or telephone banking and to make secure payments when shopping online.

Your phone is always with you. And now, so is your PBZmToken.


Discover the key features

  • Easy activation

    To activate the PBZmToken you need to enter an identification and activation code which can be requested in any PBZ branch or via PBZ365@NET internet banking. If you formerly used card readers or hard tokens as authorization devices, you can replace them free of charge with a PBZmToken in any branch.

  • Simple use

    When performing payment transactions in the internet banking, you receive a six-digit number that you can enter into the PBZmToken application. The application generates a one-time password that you enter on PBZ365@NET to authorize your payment.

Banking made easy.

Discover how safe it is to use PBZmToken.

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