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The easiest way to pay your bills

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PBZ mobile banking application

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The easiest way to pay your bills

Say goodbye to the old way of paying your bills

Don’t wait to find a post office or get in front of your PC to pay your bills. Just grab your smartphone and pay your monthly bills in an instant by scanning your postal orders.

Enjoy the freedom of making your bill payments with your phone at your convenience. Nothing could be simpler than managing your bill payments in a few taps with the help of one single mobile application.


Discover the key features

  • Payment in an instant

    Simply scan your postal order using the camera of your smartphone to have the payment details automatically filled out for you. No typing text or manual data insertion. Simply pay your bills by confirming the automatically inserted data.

  • Scanning of the bills without 2 D bar code

    You can easily and quickly scan your bills even without 2 D bar code. With functionality Scan and Pay simply scan a payment slip and all the data will be uploaded to your payment order.

  • Plan ahead

    Schedule future payments for a time that suits you. Just scan and set the date you would like the payment to be executed.

  • Always organized

    Keep track of your monthly bill payments without any hassle! Overview your past or scheduled bill payments in your payment list.

Banking made easy.

Discover how simple it is to manage your finances on the go with the PBZ mobile banking application.

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