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An even smarter way to access internet banking

If you use both the PBZ mobile banking application and PBZ Internet Banking, you can accelerate your internet banking login. After the first login in PBZ Internet Banking you will see the Smart Activation screen.By activating this option, you no longer need to enter a User ID and the system will recognize you with a welcome message.By selecting the Send notification option, you'll receive at the same time an automated Login request message to the mobile device using the PBZ mobile banking application.Open this automatic message and enter PIN / biometric ID for PBZ mobile banking application.That's it! You are successfully logged in to PBZ Internet Banking.


Discover the key features

  • Fast and convenient login

    Accessing your internet banking profile simply by an automatic message or with the help of a push notification? Yes, it’s possible. Internet banking login couldn’t get any easier.

  • A secure solution

    An automated message is sent to a mobile device using the PBZ mobile banking application. Login to internet banking is only possible by entering your personal PIN or biometric ID for your PBZ mobile banking application.

Banking made easy.

Discover the features of PBZ’s new internet banking.

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Banking made easy.

Discover how simple it is to manage your finances on the go with the PBZ mobile banking application.

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