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Make your money grow with time deposits

Do you have more money on your current account than you typically need? Or one of your time deposits is approaching its maturity date? Using the PBZ mobile banking app or PBZ Internet Banking, you can easily open a new time deposit and make your money work for you.


Discover the key features

  • Comprehensive information

    You have a wide array of information at your disposal before selecting the time deposit that matches your needs. Your complete list of owned savings products is just a click away displaying the status of your savings and all your related transactions. To find your desired time deposit, you can browse our comprehensive savings catalogue or narrow it down according to your preferences in the Savings explorer.

  • Completely online process

    Once you’ve identified the time deposit that fits your savings goal, you can open it and configure its details completely online. Click on Read more and we’ll guide you through the whole process.

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Let’s have a look at the few simple steps to open your new time deposit online:

  • First, let’s make sure that the time deposit is truly tailored to your needs so you can define its key characteristics such as the initial savings amount, tenure and interest payment frequency. After completing these fields, you’ll be presented with the effective interest rate and the expected amount at the maturity date of your time deposit so you can have a clear picture of how your money will work for you during the tenure of your selected savings option.
  • Depending on your selected time deposit, you may also customize further elements of your product, such as the disposal of principal and interests and the delivery method of your related bank statements.
  • After selecting the time deposit, read and accept the associated contracts and documents using your secure PIN and the #withSIGN qualified electronic signature. All related documentation will be automatically saved to the My documents area.


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