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Discover how easily you can transfer money to someone or between your own accounts

Manage all your payments with ease

Transfer to your accounts allows you to move funds quickly and free-of-charge between your own, delegated or legal representative accounts in domestic currency.

Pay someone lets you make domestic payments to new or existing beneficiaries in a few simple steps.


Discover the key features

  • At your convenience

    If you cannot finish a transaction, just save it and complete it later in the mobile app or even on the PBZ Internet Banking. If you have an important deadline to meet with a payment, create your payment order in advance and schedule it for the selected date.

  • With fewer steps

    If you want to skip the authorisation step when making transfers to your accounts, activate Easy transfer. You can also make payments to your most frequent beneficiaries without needing to use your PIN or Biometric ID every single time, if you mark the accounts of these beneficiaries as trusted.

  • With less typing

    Tired of manual data insertion? Try the Pick and Pay feature when transferring money to someone and scan the required data instead of typing! Or you can use the list of your recent payments and your beneficiary list to prefill the fields of your payment order. Click on Read more and learn how to end the hassle of entering payment details by hand.

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  • Multiple payments in an instant

    Save time and approve more payments in the To-Do section of your payment list simultaneously. Your total spend amount is automatically calculated and cross-checked against your balance to make sure you have sufficient funds.

You can complete the fields of your payment orders in no time by mastering the use of the following features:

  • In the new payment order, tap and hold the input field of the account number, to access the Pick and Pay feature in the PBZ mobile banking application. Pick and Pay allows you to simply scan the required data with the camera of your mobile device.
  • Use the list of your recent executed payments to easily copy and repeat any previous payment.
  • Save your payments to your beneficiary list and templates so you can look up them quickly when you are making a new payment.
  • Add your frequent paymentsto your favourites, so you will always find them on the top of your beneficiary list/templates.


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Banking made easy.

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